Build a New Garage with Usable Living Space

People’s houses are getting more crowded. Our economy encourages people to live together in larger groups to save money. Parents are retiring and moving in with adult children, and kids are staying at home through post-secondary education to establish themselves before founding households of their own. At Garage Masters, we get a lot of inquiries about building new garages with liveable space.

It’s certainly possible, and often practical, to build a single or two-car garage into an extra room, or even a self-contained apartment. As Winnipeg’s garage specialists for more than 25 years, there are some considerations to take into account before you begin. A garage is different from the rest of your home. It doesn’t sit on an excavated foundation; it’s on a solid concrete slab. The walls are likely not insulated as well as the rest of the building, and the windows, plumbing and electrical systems will require extensive modification to meet the building codes in place for an occupied portion of your home. So you need a contractor who understands garages.

That’s where we come in. Garage Masters can help build an attached or detached garage into a living space that will meet your requirements. We have specialists on staff who can explain the many benefits of secondary suites, help you navigate the red tape of building permits, and provide you with the space you need, now.

Make an appointment with Garage Masters, and we’ll come out for a free on-site evaluation, to find out what your needs are and to show you how we can help you meet them.