Endless Possibilities of a Detached Garage

The detached garage used to be the only option for homes but quickly took a backseat to the attached garage’s popularity. Recently, though, detached garages are making a comeback and for a good reason.

If you’re considering a new garage, here are the many benefits of detached garage construction.

Customization Options

A detached garage can be designed to suit your needs and fit your lifestyle. Consider a guest house, office, or workout space – whatever your heart desires.

Create a Modern Appearance

Today, real estate is all about curb appeal and let’s face it, a detached option can enhance a home’s appearance, even if you give it a little ‘flair.’

Enhanced Safety

The detached garage limits the risk of harmful chemicals spills or smells affecting your home.

Gives you More Space

If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade from a single garage to a double garage, you have many options to increase your space to accommodate a studio, gym, office, or woodshop.

Adding a detached garage is one home improvement project that will create incredible value and aesthetic appeal for your home. Whether you want a single or double garage, it’s a chance to expand your home, give you more options, and enhance your home’s safety. The possibilities are limitless, giving you ways to really improve your home’s purpose, curb appeal, and even value.