Floor Coatings by Garage Masters

At Garage Masters, we’ve helped countless people get the extra space they want and need to enhance their homes and make them better fit their lives.

It’s easy to get caught up in toys and technology, but at the end of the day, it’s the customers who count most.  Word of mouth is our best advertising, and we don’t like to brag (too much!), but sometimes things work out so well we just need to share.

One of our customers was in the process of having his garage interior renovated - adding insulation, drywall, and paint.  He turned to Garage Masters for a floor coating. We went to his home and found a relatively new building with a concrete garage floor in great condition.  The customer was interested in protecting it from the general wear and tear that parking his vehicles on it can cause, including road salt, fuel and oil spillage, and mechanical damage from wheels rolling over it all the time.

He was happy to hear that we had a solution for him with a polyaspartic coating - extremely durable, resistant to heat, chemicals, and ultraviolet light - in short, exactly what he was looking for. He requested that we proceed with the process, and the next day came down to our showroom to consider our nearly endless selection of colour blend finishes.  After walking through our showroom, he decided that our custom “Showroom Blend” would best suit his new garage interior. This colour is a niche bright blend with subtle earth tones that work well in almost any space. 

His job was immediately scheduled, and this customer is added to our list of satisfied clients - he loves his garage floor, and frankly, so do we!

If you are looking to make improvements to your garage, contact Garage Masters today to discuss your project!