Garage Give Away 5 - Now Closed

For the 5th year in a row we have partnered up with our friends at 92 CitiFM, Boston Pizza & McMunn & Yates, to give YOU the garage of your dreams! Over the course of a couple months this summer we asked you to submit photos of your garage, or lack therof & tell us why you deserve  to win. We got so many great & creative entries, it was so hard to choose just 150 Finalists. 

The day finally came and we couldn't have asked for better weather or a better turnout for our Finale party at Boston Pizza on Taylor. One by one finalists names were called, and they took turns punching in their assigned key codes for a chance to win the grand prize. In the meantime as we anxiously awaited the winner, contest finalists were able to come up to the punch board and take their chances at winning many other great secondary prizes donated by the other sponsors of the event.

Finally the time came & we found our winner. Tammy walked up and punched in her code & the garage door everyone was anxiously staring at... OPENED!! Congratulations Tammy & family, we can't wait to build you the garage of your dreams :) 

Every year we have so much fun with this contest, and we cannot wait til next year! Stay tuned..