How to Get your Garage Winter Ready

As the weather changes, you likely prepare your house for what’s ahead. While you probably pay a lot of attention to your home’s exterior, what about the garage? The area where you likely store your outdoor equipment, cars, and kids’ toys need a bit of preparing too.

Organize your Storage

Most people use the garage for storage, but it can get cluttered quickly. Before winter begins, declutter your storage. See what you no longer need and donate it or toss it. Anything you keep – rotate. Put the spring and summer bins or items toward the back and bring the fall and winter stuff to the front. You’ll have what you need handy without making a mess or causing injury.

Get Windows and Doors Ready for Winter

Weatherizing isn’t just for your interior windows and doors; check your garage too. Windows may need caulking or weatherstripping, doors may need leaks sealed, and garage doors may need some TLC. Check the cables and rollers. Are they in good condition? Do they work well? If not, now is a great time to replace them as everything has to work harder in the colder months.

Remove anything That’s Affected by Cold Temperatures

Temps could get below freezing, and some items, such as liquids and chemicals, can’t handle it. Look around and see what items should be brought indoors or wrapped in insulation to avoid freezing. Liquids and chemicals are the largest risk because they can freeze, crack, and even explode.

Get your Tools Ready

Winterize your lawn mower by running the gas and oil out of it or adding fuel stabilizer. Now’s also a great time to give it a tune-up too, so it’s ready for the spring.

Check your winter tools, including your snowblower. Make sure it’s working and doesn’t need a tune-up or repairs. Check shovels, ice picks, and any other winter tools you use that may need sharpening or other maintenance. If anything is cracked or not safe – toss and replace it before winter arrives.

Get your Floor Ready

Your garage faces all the elements as you drag rain, snow, dirt, and debris into it. Unlike your home’s interior, most people wear their shoes or boots on your garage floor, not to mention what your car tires do to it.

Consider coating the floor, so it better handles the elements. Choose the option that seals your garage floor’s concrete, keeping it free from stains and wear and tear while also keeping it safe.

Winterizing your garage is just as important as winterizing your home. Your garage houses your most prized possessions and holds the tools and even storage you need. Whether you use your garage strictly to park your cars or it’s like another room for your home, take care of it now before the weather turns to protect the garage, your belongings, and even yourself. Winterizing your garage keeps you safe from falling, warm from cold temperatures, and out of the elements.