No Shortcuts Taken

Sometimes, there are just no shortcuts to be taken.

We were approached by homeowners, who were concerned about their rear-attached garage, It was basically unusable, and they called on us for some guidance and expertise.  

Upon inspection, it became clear that the best, and really only, course of action was a complete tear-down and garage rebuild. The building itself was in poor condition, with structural issues. There were additional problems where the garage tied into the main building of the home, creating even more challenges. Compounding the problem was the fact that this garage was located in a relatively small backyard, which would require a zoning variance to allow the construction of the new garage.

While this was a very complex project, there was nothing involved that Garage Masters hadn’t seen or dealt with before. We carefully demolished the existing garage, exposing the problems with the house. We were able to deal with those issues, and refinish the house with a new stucco exterior, chosen to match the new garage, which we were able to complete in short order, after receiving all required permits, including the variance.

The previously unusable rear-attached garage had been decaying for some time, compounding the problems caused for the homeowner. With the help of Garage Masters, the homeowners now have a useable, practical detached garage and a repaired house structure, giving them peace of mind for years to come.

No matter how big or small your garage renovation, we can help.  

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