Now is the Time to Get Organized

Want something productive to do at home?  Making your living space better will have a positive impact on your life, both in the short and long term.  

Short Term

Immediately, it can give you a sense of accomplishment, and make difficult tasks easier.  Many people are adjusting to a work-from-home situation that they didn’t expect, and so are finding their kitchen tables pressed into service in the interim. While this may be necessary for some, there is certainly an advantage in finding another location.  It’s hard to strike a work/life balance when both are taking place in the same physical space.

Is there another nook in your home that can be cleared out, to provide you with a dedicated workspace, which will make both work and dinner better?

Long Term

Got a project in mind?  A fully functional, dedicated home office or apartment space over your garage?  Or just extra space in your garage to store the things that are taking up room in your home?  Take advantage of the extra time you have at home right now to make a plan.  You can even take some action and start deciding to get rid of things that are just taking up space.


Right now, you can’t take things for a charitable donation, but you can remove them from your primary living space and store them away for the day you can get rid of them.  In fact, “staging” your donations like this will allow you to be a little more aggressive in your purging than usual because the stuff will still be around.  Here are criterias you can use to decide which of your things are “treasure” vs. the things that are “trash”.

Have you used it in the past 6 months?
If the answer is “no”, there’s a pretty good chance you can safely get rid of it.  Special exemptions apply to seasonal items, holiday decorations, 

Do you think you really “might” need it?
If you’re keeping something for an anticipated need, determine how likely it is that that need will in the next calendar year (once life gets back to normal, of course).  If you can’t see needing it, it’s probably just taking up space you could use for something else.

Is it broken?
If you haven’t found it necessary to fix by now, there’s a pretty good chance you aren’t going to.


The Future

Things are going to return to normal.  We will all be back at work, and at play.  Take the time you have now to prepare for that eventuality.  At Garage Masters, we’re looking forward to a time when we can get back to doing what we do best - making life better for our customers and helping them improve their homes by making the most of their garage spaces.