Refresh your Home Garage with these Ideas

If you’re tired of your old garage, it may be the right time for a refresh. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank fixing up your garage. There are plenty of ways to refresh it focusing on just the floors and storage.

Focusing on the Floor

First, let’s focus on the garage floor. Even though you don’t look down all the time, you’d be surprised to see what a spruced up garage floor can do for your garage’s appeal.

Start by patching the cracks. This isn’t just for aesthetics, but to protect your garage too. Cracks lead to water damage and even pose physical hazards. Patching the cracks creates a seamless appearance, giving your garage a cleaner look from the start.

For maximum protection from the elements and wear and tear consider applying a polyaspartic flooring coating. Not only will it protect your floor, it will also  create a whole new appearance in the garage. 


Focusing on Storage

Next, let’s focus on storage. If you’re tired of tools, equipment, and other items cluttering up the garage, make use of the area and create more storage.

First, use up the wall space. Slatwalls are great for hanging tools and other outdoor items plus adding shelves create multiple layers of storage throughout the garage. Don’t forget to use up the areas high, making the most of the area, storing items you don’t use often up high.

Consider storage cabinets as other ways to add storage without taking up too much space.  

Floors and Storage Make a Big Difference

It may not feel like much focusing on the floor and storage, but they help tremendously. You’ll have more room, the garage will feel more wide open, and it may create more ideas for you to create your dream garage.

Start with these two areas and see where your creativity leads you. Before you know it, you could have the garage of your dreams just by starting with the floor and storage.  At Garage Masters, we can help! Schedule a free consultation by contacting us at