Take Back Your Garage

It’s easy for your garage to become the catch-all for just about anything that you don’t have a place for you in your house. It’s even easier to overlook it as you head out the door. It can get overwhelming and frustrating to lose the use of your garage though!

Are you ready to take back your garage? Do you want more room for your cars, tools, sports equipment, and yard tools?

It’s time to reclaim your garage.

Add Shelves

All too often we ignore the valuable wall space garages provide. Sometimes just adding shelving is enough to get items off the floor and on the walls. Now you have more room to park cars, bikes, and other large items.

If shelves aren’t your thing, there are many other unique ways to make use of your garage space. Whether you hang hooks, baskets, or other hanging units – you can hang things like brooms, rakes, paint brushes, and even tools. During the winter, hanging bike hooks get bikes off the ground (which is better for them) and gives you more room for your cars.

Stack Bins

How many bins do you have sitting around that take up valuable floor space? Use the vertical space in the garage by adding a unit to hold your bins. The nice thing about this is you can put the bins up overhead (as long as you have a ladder). Now you have plenty of floor and wall space to make the home look like how you want.

Update the Lighting

Do you want your garage to be more of a workspace than a garage? Maybe you added a tool bench or area to work on your DIY projects. Even if you just like hanging out in the garage organizing your tools and fixing little things, the lighting makes a big difference. Hang LED light fixtures and be able to see what you’re working on.

Add a Slatwall

Do you have a lot of ‘little’ things that you need out of the way? Whether you have a lot of tools, paintbrushes, or other knick-knacks, install a slatwall. You’ll have everything at eye level and out of the way. It creates organization, but also gives your garage a little style.

Use Hooks

Just about anything can hang on a hook. Whether you need an area to air out sweaty outdoor equipment, a place for coats or you want a quick ‘grab and go’ area so you don’t have to search high and low for things like umbrellas, keys, or even garbage bags.

The sky's the limit when organizing your garage. Take a step back and look at everything your garage has to offer. Ask yourself, are you using the wall space adequately? Is there space overhead you could use to free up floor space? What do you want to use the space for? Remember garages just aren’t a place to park cars.