Top 3 Reasons You Need More Storage Space in Your Garage

When people think about home storage, they consider the garage, basement, and attic to be the best spots in the house. However, just because you have some space in your garage doesn’t mean it’s easy to keep your items organized. Most people come home from sports practices, bike riding, fishing, camping, or any other number of activities and simply dump everything in the garage. 


If your garage is so packed you can’t even park a vehicle inside, you need more storage space. Here are three reasons you should consider an upgrade to your garage. 


  1. You’re currently parking in the driveway 


If you’ve been parking in the driveway because your garage is so full of storage items, then you should rethink your storage situation. A garage keeps your vehicle safe from weather, theft, and vandalism. While it’s not always necessary to keep your car in the garage, it’s generally a good practice. 


A lot of garage owners will notice that they have a lot of unused or poorly used space. They know that they could fit more into their garage, but they aren’t sure how to use the vertical space above their heads. Working with a garage specialist can help you install 

efficient storage accessories like shelving units, cabinets, and PVC slat wall systems. These storage fixtures allow you to use your space more efficiently and fit more inside, including your car(s). 


  1. You can’t find anything 


Do you know you own something, but you can’t seem to find it in your storage space? We spend an inordinate amount of time looking for stuff we already own — an average of 1 to 10 minutes which adds up to 6.5 months of our lives. 


And where are you looking? In that pesky, disorganized storage space! About half of homeowners say that the garage is the most disorganized area of their house. If you’re constantly rifling through boxes of old, unused items to find Christmas decorations, kids’ toys, winter clothes, or other necessary items, then this is a huge red flag. It’s time to reorganize and rethink your storage. While it doesn’t need to be perfect, it should be easy for you to find what you already have.  


  1. You get stressed going into the space


Do you dread going into your garage? Do you hurry to grab something out of your storage freezer and then quickly shut the door behind you? 


If so, you’re not alone. Most people have an excess of garage clutter than overwhelms their brain when they lay eyes on it. In fact, 24 percent of homeowners are embarrassed to leave their garage doors open for their neighbors to see. If your garage is causing stress and anxiety in your daily life, it’s time to act. 


Final Thoughts

Are you ready to rethink the way you use your garage? Garage Masters can transform your storage space if it’s currently busting at the seams. Visit here for more information.