Top Three Garage Trends to Watch for This Year


Spring is here, and at Garage Masters, we’re helping our clients make the transition from the planning stage of their garage build or restoration to the building stage.  We’re going to be working on some fantastic projects this year, and looking back through the plans we’ve been helping formulate all winter, we’ve found some trends that we thought we’d share with you.

Extra Storage Space
Many people choose to build or renovate their garage space to accommodate things that they don’t currently have space for.  We know that a few extra square feet can go a long way to alleviate that “cramped” feeling having too many possessions in too small an area can cause.  And we also know how to help our customers make the best use of their space.  We can hook you up with custom storage solutions like PVC slat wall systems and heavy-duty steel cabinets that will help you make space for everything - tools, toys, and anything else you need to store.

New Technology in Floor Coatings
Lots of customers are turning to our new polyaspartic concrete coatings for their garage spaces.  These coatings are both beautiful and durable, providing a surface far better looking, and much longer lasting, than conventional paints. We can apply them directly over your existing floor, and even have VOC-free options, which will allow you to occupy the space near your garage while the surface is being applied and during curing.

More Energy Efficient Garages
Older garages tend to be poorly insulated, if at all. Whether you’re renovating or building fresh, we’ll help you make sure that your garage is as efficient as possible, keeping heating and lighting costs as low as possible. We can install wall and ceiling insulation, install a well-insulated garage door, upgrade weather stripping, and use energy efficient lighting fixtures that provide adequate insulation while saving you money.

It’s exciting watching the technologies and materials change over the years. Winnipeg has been trusting Garage Masters as the area experts in renovation and new construction of garages since 1993, and we pride ourselves on providing the most recent technologies available to our clients.