Need a Space to Escape? This Could be your Next Garage Construction

We all need our ‘alone time’ especially with the pandemic still in full swing. If you feel like you always have people around you and never have ‘me’ time, it’s time for a mancave or she-shed.

The good news is you don’t need an addition to your home – you can convert your garage to a place made just for you. Whether you want an area to watch the big game, an area for your workshop or hobby, or just an area to be alone, here are some great ways to make it happen.

Cover the Floors and Walls

If you’re converting the garage, you want it to be comfortable (and warm or cool depending on the season). Add a sub-floor to cover the floor and think about what you want on the walls. If noise or insulation is a concern, look at drywall or paneling. Don’t forget about the ceiling too, especially if cold or warm air is a concern.

Consider your Theme

What do you want with the mancave or she-shed? Is it an area to do your hobbies, listen to music, or hang with friends? Use these to create your theme. Will you do more than one thing in the new personal space?

Create your Plans

Have a professional sketch out what you want to make sure it works on paper. Talk about the features you want and what you want out of the space to see if it is practical and makes sense.

Decorate Inside and Out

Once you get your mancave or she-shed up and running, it’s time to decorate! Go with your theme, and add as much to the area that will make it feel homey and relaxing for you. This is your space so have fun with it! But don’t forget the outside – curb appeal is a big deal too.

Have Fun with your Mancave or She-Shed

The whole point of the man-cave or she-shed is to have fun! Let your imagination run wild and make it all about you. This is your area to be you and do what you want. The rest of the house can be the ‘functional’ part for the family, but this is about you.